About Us


We have designed and developed Big Data and Data Science solution for various industries such as banking, retail, insurance, energy and telecommunication. We have utilized existing relational and non-relational data and applies ETL and machine learning technologies to extract business value.
The key advantage of our solution is to collect full datasets from backups and relational databases into Hadoop environment and apply ETL to standardize, cross link and validate data. Syoncloud applies machine learning technologies to find hidden patterns and correlations in data. Build in machine learning technologies use these patters to predict behavior of customers, frauds, allocation of resources and business opportunities.


Syoncloud provides end-to-end consultancy from requirements gathering, data strategy to implementation and testing. Our consultants are certified industry experts and have worked extensively with Hadoop, NoSQL and wide legacy ecosystems to deliver scalable and reliable data analysis solutions.

Syoncloud was found by Big Data pioneers and customer-focused specialists with many years of experience in enterprise systems in telecommunication companies and banks in the USA and Europe.

Ladislav Urban CEO of Syoncloud

Ladislav UrbanLadislav founded Syoncloud after successful Big Data and data science projects for banks Credit Suisse and HSBC. He has 18 years experience as programmer, project manager, analyst and consultant in IT projects for banks and telecoms in Europe and USA. He is co-founder of Webswell Inc. that developed open source integration tool and gained customers such as Honeywell.